Friday, January 22, 2016

have a fun weekend!

it's the middle of winter, blah! are you up to anything fun this coming weekend?
sometimes, amongst the grey skies and super cold wind, we have to force ourselves out now and then, to have fun, to get creative, to go places! i'm feeling a museum visit coming on. i'm craving all things art, and who is doing what right now and how. i love exploring new exhibits and sort of just keeping up with the art world.

i hope that you are planning whatever it is that makes a fun weekend for you. and so it's friday! and so here are a few more fun finds from around the web:

do you collect matchbooks? matches with faces.

this girl puts together some beautiful floral arrangements.

wishing for this black nappa leather slouchy tote with wooden handles.

these would be sweet in a children's room.

what a great kindergarten facade!

think you're too old to start a business? not according to this.

loving these mini coffee tables.

such a sweet gift for a new baby's room.

a cool lunchbox.

a pretty mug.

these toast snacks look delish!

i don't usually wear one piece swimsuits, but some of these are really pretty!

just bought this, been wanting it forever.

a SERIOUS love of these before and after transformations. (one of the most talented interior designers i think i've seen).


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