Friday, January 8, 2016

happy friday friends!

we've made it through the first week of 2016. how are you doing?
i'm finally slowing down and finding a balance, an even keel to be on. i think that near the end of the year, i found myself trying to cram in a bunch of stuff, to get alot done before the year ended. and it ended with me being super sick (i am never sick) and forced to reflect and slow down. to assess my situations, my goals, my wishes, & what makes me truly happy.

i feel that i am off to a good start this first week of 2016. i hope that you are too! i have some fun pans in the fire so to speak and will share them with you soon! i keep going back to this photo, posted by anne sage's instagram site. she wrote on new year's eve "a new year's eve reminder that we're all just feeling our way, untested, uncertain, through this journey. here's to 2016 filled with patience, kindness, compassion and curiosity." that about sums up everything. don't you think? have a super weekend! enjoy...

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