Wednesday, January 6, 2016

grande art.

manhattan-based carol egan "has built up a sterling reputation as one of the world's leading interior designers. and her use of large art, steals my design-loving heart every time...
a dublin native, carol egan "has worked on countless prestigious corporate projects and luxury residences across the u.s., europe and asia." carol has also recently launched a line of minimalist contemporary furniture as well. lucky for us.

but in spacing her interiors, in placing particular objects but especially to me here, statement artwork, carol understands the presence that artwork interjects. grande art, such as in these spaces featured here, they are pow, they are wow, they are sexy, and certainly steal the scene. statement art and photography can offer a profound impact to any residential or commercial space. and much like a wow or unexpected piece of furniture or lighting, it should say something, then it should move you, it should affect you in some way. i love that. enjoy!

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