Monday, January 11, 2016

desk designing.

i love the idea of dressing up my work desk, and with vintage french and italian push pins, you cannot go wrong here...
unfinished ash clip & pin tidy. perfection really.
classic brass paperclips would be so pretty on your desk
1950's vintage french pins in original box! (you can purchase similar pins from germany, italy and bulgaria!
doesn't everyone need an italian stapler?! yes...
lovely letterpress number clips
fun numbered push pins
love this vintage wheel organizer!

london based present & correct is offering up some desk gems, new and vintage that will have you throwing out your current desktop junky items. after all, if you are in a position to meet clients, greet guests or hold meetings, near or around your desk, shouldn't it be a place for your own things, not things that just everyone has? be choosy, even when it comes to organizing designing your desk. why not right? enjoy!

p.s. they actually have a very cool instagram site too, in case you are interested.

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