Monday, January 25, 2016

design crush: the safari chair.

you know how you just become fixated on a particular style of furniture all of the sudden? for me lately it's the classic safari chair. i'm seeing them in a number of materials but leather is by far my favorite. here are a few current favorites i am currently watching...
kaare klint safari chairs with patinated leather (1st dibs)
vintage saltman safari chair in black leather (chairish)
 fun, red, arkana safari chairs by maurice burke (chairish)
a cognac leather vintage pair from south america (chairish)
mid-century arne norell safari chairs in light green olive leather (1st dibs)
1933 kaare klint safari chairs in leather and elm (1st dibs)
erik worts rosewood safari chair in rosewood and brown canvas (chairish)

1st dibs and chairish are two primary sources (with prices ranges all over the place)  if you want to bid or make and offer or just keep and eagle eye on a particular piece for a while and see if it comes down in price. of course you take the chance of it also being sold, but hey, that's the game right?

what about you? do you like the look of the safari chair? i happen to really enjoy them paired together in a seating arrangement, side by side. there is something even more special about two! enjoy!

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