Thursday, December 31, 2015

happy new year friends!

i'm SO excited to see what this upcoming new year brings!
i don't really believe in setting up a particular strategy, in detail, formulating the next year. i think that life throws you waaaaaaay too many curve balls to make a strict list, and stick to it. plus it's kind of boring. i have learned alot this year, about myself, about what i want, and more importantly perhaps, what i don't want. sometimes that's the hardest to go through or let go.

sooooooooo...instead of getting all nostalgic about 2015 and making a bunch of promises for 2016, i thought i'd just leave you with some fun (or interesting) finds...

i found this interesting this year...how he flies around the world, for free.

this poignant interview tackled just a few of 2015's (and of course past years) issues. & you can buy his new york times bestselling book, here.

this winter i am loving these knit hats.

& can i please have all of these boots for 2016?

between the pool and the coastline, this place is on my travel to wishlist.

maybe sitting on this fun deck chair?

i just purchased this sweet little sponge holder. no rhyme or reason. just liked it.

going to a late christmas party? this chocolate bark recipe looks easy to make and bring.

this would be a super pretty new year's eve dress.

maybe with this tiny sparkler point ring?

and these earrings?

or these?

and last but not least, everyone needs a sweet little new calendar planner right? even if i don't want to plan my entire year up front, i like this one.

wherever you go and whatever you do this new year's eve, have a blast. and remember, the best is yet to come...enjoy!

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