Friday, November 6, 2015

have a fun weekend!

it's friday and the weather in my part of the world has been pure indian summer...
people are in shorts (in november!) and i saw a guy walking the other day without a shirt. crazy! but hey, i'll take it ;) and so with that it's hard to even consider christmas is coming (and winter weather. shhhhhh!). my mind is still in summer mode, can't shake it!

and i thought that since it was friday i'd throw a few more fun things your way:

free people is dressing up hair.

a cool way to display a world map.

now THIS is a large house.

an "infill house" between two houses.

it's like a bureau on a wall.

a really neat reacting flower installation.

wanting one of each of these.

such a pretty bathing space.

love the after in this before and after.

melanie rothschild is doing amazing things with paint.

really want this ring.

and this pin.

cool cracked log lamps.

have a good one friends! enjoy the heck out of your weekend...

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