Wednesday, November 18, 2015

great christmas gift ideas.

i've been stumbling over some items, artworks, jewelry, (you name it!) that have, in my mind, been great christmas gift ideas. if you are in need of some easy inspiration, have a look...

how about the gift of original artwork? like this above?

a funny (but true!) book.

easy every day mugs.

such fun party purses.

unusual cylinder candle holders.

artistic phone cases.

loving this boxcar planter in walnut and robin's egg blue.

an inspirational book to give.

fun for winter/holiday(s) this shaggy sequin cube pouf.

a float ring for every day.

simply beautiful coiled bamboo bowls.

for the gentle woman.

just a pretty gold necklace.

speaking of gold, give the gift of luck with this.

like vintage? how about a vintage brass paper holder.

leather booties (and not that expensive!).

i happen to want these boots. just saying... ;)


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