Tuesday, October 27, 2015

tuesday & hippy chairs.

the italian design company billiani offers up a lot of great everything, but these hippy chairs stole my attention today...
billiani calls it "seating with a strong character" and that they hold "an elegance with an informal touch which renders them eclectic and multi-faceted." i find them interesting and quietly fun. order them with either the wooden or metal base, for the look, one way or the other, you are striving for.

how is your week starting out? in case you already need a little fun (i do!) here are a few fun links from around the world wide web, just for fun this tuesday...

remember to treat yourself.

if i am camping soon, i want this for breakfast!

a striped statement duvet cover.

a pretty food instagram site.

and this instagram site will make you want to go places.

a rude little black book.

love the idea of these flower ice cubes.

a to die for asymmetric skirt.

bacon caramel apples. um yeah!

my next calendar.


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