Monday, October 5, 2015

monday & a house tour. san fran style.

what do you do when space is tight in san francisco? build a cooler than cool four story home of course...
(via, the contemporist)

and when you build a home like this, you give it a name. this one is called "n 1964 greenwich" and is a collaboration between m-projects and larson-shores architecture & interiors. and i apologize for the length of this post/the amount of images included but there are so many more that i had to stop myself from adding in.

what you are missing (and that you can see more of here): the panoramic roof-top deck with view of the golden gate bridge (ah, yeah), a 3 car garage, a full outdoor kitchen with firepit, even MORE white marble, and just overall jaw dropping designer goodness. all over the place.

i love featuring architects & architecture, as well as interior design. because without a great footprint and shell, it's just lipstick on a pig as they say. enjoy!

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