Friday, October 16, 2015

have a super weekend!

this week has flown by. has it for you too?
sometimes with weeks like this i like to look back and consider what i've accomplished (or not!). during the long past weekend i did manage to get to one of my favorite beaches, where you can walk for miles (literally). the seals swim along side you as you walk the shore. the more i talk to them, the longer their heads stay out of the water looking at you in curiosity. i love that!

i had my new vintage car detailed, like to the max. i almost didn't recognize it when i picked it up. made me smile for days.

i also stopped by a new to me farm to table shop and bought a small painting. will take a photo once i hang it. my goal is to keep buying (and hanging only original artwork, whatever the medium may be). so there was all that. i am STILL procrastinating over beginning a legit running routine. i mean procrastinating more than i have ever. not sure why. i feel like hybernating each morning and just not doing it. i know that once i get back into it i will be inspired. maybe this weekend is the morning it all begins, again. ;)

i hope that wherever you go, whatever you do this weekend, it's all that you hope it to be. enjoy!

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