Wednesday, September 2, 2015

yabu pushelberg.

george yabu and glenn pushelberg are toronto/new york based yabu pushelberg. and their furniture line? will captivate you...
and they are not just designing furniture, they are transforming both residential and commercial spaces. see more of their interior work here. when discussing their foundation, there was one line i loved that reads:"the best projects, after all, are those that are invented."

it's so difficult to be original. it's so difficult to take all that you have been influenced by and do something completely new, fresh and that makes your own mark. it's a big world out there, chock full of a so many talented people. so when you come across something/someone/product design that stops you, and you know it's/they/or what they are doing, is original, that's a find. that's yabu pushelberg. enjoy!

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