Monday, September 7, 2015

a formal office, sort of.

if is were asked to design the interior of a rather formal office, an office setting where you just can't go too off target with furnishings, i would definitely look at some of what t gebruder offers up. there is just a touch of informal, a touch of edge exuding from each piece. and i love that...
when writing about their pieces, sites such as architonic nail it when they say that t gebruder combines "art and technology into a formal unit." t gebruder also states that they "produce expressive pieces of contemporary history known as the new objectivity." pretty darn cool.

t gebruder is known as thonet throughout europe with some of their work designed by michael thonet. i just really like the added flair each piece offers an otherwise formal office space. a reminder in some respects, to not take the day too seriously, in the end. enjoy!

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