Monday, August 10, 2015

street art by mr. perswall.

for a fresh start to a brand new week, how about some very fresh wall treatments/paper? and i mean fresh, have a look...
this particular line is called "street art" and is offered up by the swedish company mr perswall. there are companies that certainly offer a particular product or line for mere shock value, to startle you into wondering if that is real or if anyone real actually utilizes such a product (and where!).

but mr perswall and their street line of wall coverings don't shock for shock's sake. they push the boundaries, which i feel that good (or daring!) design does. and with this line, you are not going to find alot of spaces and places where this works, certainly. but there is that perfect setting, where one of these wallcoverings is like BAM! here i am. come on in and have some fun. that's what i love. enjoy!

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