Monday, August 3, 2015

monday & vacation mode.

happy monday! how amazing is this outdoor space? i'm not sure why but i have been in serious vacation mode lately, in my head anyway...
i spent saturday on martha's vineyard, in edgartown, listening to david sedaris speak, here. between the boat ride over, the spectacular summer day, the sipping drinks with friends at lunch on a second floor outdoor deck overlooking chappaquiddick, um, my head and body want to remain in vacation mode. so, to ease into this summer monday, here are a few fun finds of recent. in case you are interested...

in this wedding video, everyone actually looks like they are have a BLAST! and end...wait for it.

crazy pretty for fall.

i'm not really a fan of clocks, but this one is handsome & simple.

these french toast puffs look delish!

super easy DIY curve necklace.

blue velvet boots. um, yes please.

you could use these in like a bizillion ways.

a seriously gorgeous summer dress.

a neat navy chair.

these beaded earrings, new etsy love.


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