Monday, July 13, 2015

ok, so i love this house.

this historic building in chihuahua mexico was restored and give a fresh, contemporary addition. the two together? perfection really...
the transformation was the result of the talented LABor Studio. according to the contemporist article, due to a number of older buildings in the historic district of chihuahua mexico being demolished to install surface parking lots (don't get me going!), the "population has migrated to the fringes leaving an empty housing stock." so what i really love about what LABor Studio set out to do was, through amazing design and thoughtful awareness of the very urban landscape, was "to demonstrate the possibilities of contemporary housing in the urban center."

to be an artist, a designer, an architect, is to be a visionary. to do something original, especially today, is difficult. LABor Studio has created something of a diamond in the rough. something spectacular. they have reintroduced gorgeous to the point where it sets an example that hopefully others will follow. enjoy!

p.s you can read more about this home and how it has many very "green" elements to it, here.

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