Thursday, June 11, 2015

recto-verso lights.

so, these are pretty neat...
they're called recto-verso lights and they are designed and offered up by the french design studio (and designer) bina baitel. it's a reversible lamp, made from" organic light-emitting diodes made of carbon and hydrogen-based materials," the light is extremely lightweight, and designed as a "free standing structure with a leather pull-over sheath like the pouch of a touch pad."

what i really enjoy about these is the versatility and the overall simple, yet interesting design. you alter the light, you interact with the light, you design how the light will shine, where, & how intense. it's all very interactive and lovely. check out more of bina baitel's designs here. she's on my designer watch list! enjoy!

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Jordan said...

Definitely a unique piece! It seems like it'd be so useful to switch up if needed. I love it! Thanks for sharing.