Monday, June 1, 2015

my graduation day.

if you are interested, i'd thought i'd share just a few snippets of my harvard graduation that took place last thursday. it was a day to remember to say the least...
my son was taking photos and i seemed to be waving at him every chance i got, which was fun! i'm not sure where to start about how i was feeling that day either, but proud is definitely one word i would choose. getting to this point, of finally receiving my graduate degree was at times, fulfilling, at times daunting, and at times it seemed as if it was never going to happen.

someone asked me the other day, (a woman who was thinking of going back to college), how did i do it? how did i do it while working, while life gets in the way, or just how did i have the energy or determination to start, never mind go through all of the work and finish? the only answer i could offer was that you have to want it. but then i started thinking about that statement and it's true of everything right? to get to the position job-wise in life that you want to be? to end up in particular relationships that you want to be in? to just get to all of those places that you want to be, you have to plain want it. once you get to that point, of truly wanting something, all of the other stuff in life somehow stays on the outskirts, on the peripheral.

maybe i'll be able to clarify more at some point how i'm feeling right now. but for now, i'll leave you with what i wrote in my harvard thesis acknowledgement: "i want to thank harvard university, for i have never before been as nervous, inspired, enthused, and tested with regard to my education. i feel privileged to have spent every minute of the day and night in the presence of my harvard professors. to have spent many hours on the grounds of an institution that has educated presidents and many of the world's most innovative and provocative scholars, philanthropists, and changers of the world, i am forever honored."


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