Monday, June 8, 2015

monday and isi.

i hadn't planned on stopping at a yard sale yesterday but there it was, on my way down to spend a couple of hours on the beach. the chairs stopped me, they were cast metal, off white and simulated bamboo. oh and they swivelled. cool right? they were part of a set of 4 with a table. my deck is tiny, so i only needed 2. she would not part with just 2. darn.
so my summer chair search continues. this spanish line offered up by isi stopped me today. the lines, the fun sherbet colors, the simplicity yet loungability of them (yes i made up that word). they are just kind of perfectly cool, the whole line. i thought i'd share them this monday!

how was your weekend? i discovered that my favorite fried fish restaurant (conveniently within walking distance from my house) makes amazing fish tacos with a spicy yogurt dressing, grilled corn, fresh tomatoes, & cabbage. not. even. funny. delish. so. i ate one for lunch and took my son straight back there for dinner after his summer job ended. 2 fish tacos in one day? that's what i'm talking about. have a great start to a brand new week friends. enjoy!

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