Tuesday, May 26, 2015

understated lighting forms.

understated lighting can come in many forms, it can be distributed in many unique and inventive ways. vibia is one of those companies that really designs understated lighting best. have a look....
these 2 lines, titled "ness" and "bamboo" caught my eye today, but so did many others. (and i didn't get paid for this post, i just really love their lighting!) lighting can steal the show in places and spaces, and both residentially or commercially. but when you don't want it to, or you want it to accompany a show stopping space, to guide it in some way, to be the cherry on top as an accent piece, then much of what vibia offers will do that for you. and your spaces...enjoy!

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The Office Stylist said...

Love this company! I love getting inspiration from their photos. Can't go wrong with natural lighting too, haha.