Friday, May 8, 2015

the weekend!

this month is starting out beyond words busy, like i said i think everything and everyone is kicking into high gear all around me...
i came home during the middle of the day yesterday and layed straight out on my tiny deck with no furniture...i layed right there on the deck, on the wood, flat as a pancake and just felt the sun on my face for a while. sometimes it's the simple things that get you through the day.

i'm picking up my son from college today, and plan on driving slow and listening to some music to get in the weekend mood on the way up. what do you have planned? anything fun?

it's almost getting instantly warm here so i'll already be changing a few winter to summer clothes around, but thankfully of course! i feel like i need a giant dinner soon to rejuvenate, so that's on the menu too. wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy!

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