Monday, May 4, 2015

monday & a pretty outdoor line.

happy monday! since it's spring, let's talk about getting outside! outdoor lines have to stand the test of time, they must hold up to weather, and they need to hold your interest...
last year i purchased a set of chairs and an outdoor table for my tiny 2nd story deck. the set was pretty but was metal, uncomfortable, and didn't hold up to the weather (especially living near salt water!), nor did it hold my design interest.

so...i've been on the hunt locally for a new set. but remember that on line, there are SO many amazing choices as well. i've stumbled upon a few lines lately that have me wishing for a large back yard i love them so much. this line or rather this variety of lines offered up by kenneth cobonpue is fun, durable, and super interesting on the eyes...

i especially love his trame line, it's butterfly-esque in design, color pattern, and overall swirling fluidity. now that's an out of the ordinary outdoor line. enjoy!

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