Tuesday, May 12, 2015

josh blackwell's bags.

artist josh blackwell has taken throw away objects and creatively constructed them into out of the ordinary pieces of art...
ordinary grocery or convenience store bags, the kinds that you see floating through parking lots and down busy streets, stuffed around metal fences and clogging up waterways are now re-purposed, into sculptural reincarnations of maybe something a plastic bag hoped to be, if a plastic bag could hope to be anything in the first place.

what makes art and artists exciting, every single day, is that they show you something that you have not seen before. they allow you to experience something that you have not experienced before. josh blackwell has offered us that, a visual & unexpected treat. he has turned a rather utilitarian or some might say ugly object into something visually breathtaking, something you would now unexpectedly and maybe in an unexplainable way, want to place on your wall. that's what i'm talking about. enjoy!

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