Friday, May 22, 2015

here's to the weekend!

happy friday friends, have a super relaxing weekend too!
it's been another whirlwind week.

but here's to things i'm looking forward to: my graduate graduation is next week. on that note, i'm staying overnight in boston that night, eating at my favorite restaurant, and just taking it all in.

the weather is (sort of) warming up in my part of the world, i'm looking forward to morning runs as the sun comes up (and waving each morning to an elderly gentleman who sits in his car, in the same spot, ever. single. morning. to watch the sun rise.) it wouldn't be my morning run without him waving to me.

my son is home from college so i'm sucking up lots of time with him.

i've discovered this, THE best chocolate chip cookie recipe. i'm NOT kidding, this comes out completely perfect. EVERY TIME. (even the chocolate chips are nice and large, and the chocolate is such good quality). i make the dough every sunday lately (i know right?) and leave the dough covered in the fridge for the week and make them at will in the oven. (i know right?). yeah.

i'm feeling strung out and invigorated at the same time lately. is that strange? i don't know. i guess it's what is invigorating you that's important.

so here's to the weekend! to you! to all of us! enjoy...

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