Wednesday, April 29, 2015

this seating. this company.

you just know a company, and their overall ethic is fabulous when their "about us" segment reads "to meet the demands and desires of today we believe it is necessary to have an open and innovative mind, a child's curiosity - and a heart that refuses to take the easy way out"...
this is the seating line that i'm currently coveting offered up by the swedish design company BLÅ STATION who describes their office as being located "on the southeast coast of sweden, where the ocean is just as restless as we are." ah, awesome much?!

their seating lines offer generous amounts of space, yet offer secluded, comfy hide-away sections about them to just be, to relax and breathe. BLÅ STATION also utilizes amazing materials such as ash wood, and durable steel, down and leather to name a few. i see these just about anywhere, hotel lobbies, libraries, you own living room or even a children's room. they are versatile and flexible to many different surroundings. don't you just want to dive right in? me too...enjoy!

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