Friday, April 10, 2015

have a super weekend!

it's friday, it's spring (well sort of in my part of the world) and the weekend is upon us. what are you up to?
i've decided that i'm going to get back to my early morning runs. now that the weather is tolerable enough even to tempt me out of bed! but i do miss it. there is something special about being up before most of the world. i talk to the birds (and i swear they are listening to me) and i really just slow down, even though i'm running, and notice things, i pay attention to my breathing, i get into a rhythm...i've sorely missed that particular kind of routine this past winter.

besides that i'm obsessed with catching up on the masters at night on t.v. i'm lately captivated and relaxed by watching that kind of tournament, in such a beautiful setting, in the evening. i'm heading to a friends birthday party this weekend too, and plan on sipping a little bit of red wine with friends. i hope that you are planning something fun, or nothing at all, (which can be the most fun!). but have fun doing it! enjoy...

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