Thursday, April 23, 2015

gabriel scott welles lights.

okay, seriously loving this new lighting line offered up by gabriel scott. have a look...
this configuration in particular is called the "welles long chandelier." it's a series of interconnected, geometric & metallic shapes reminiscent of branches, of bouquets, of blooms, and what's pretty cool is that you can customize this lighting.

so shape it into various sculptural lengths and forms. gabriel kakon & scott richler, based in canada, are gabriel scott. they have a rich and varied background in the world of design, from fashion design to industrial design, and it shows.

pieces are shipped out of up state new york and are custom made. they are not cheap, but really good design rarely is. enjoy!

p.s. if you are drawn to this particular gabriel scott line of lighting, you should SEE what else they have, exquisite!


The Office Stylist said...

I totally agree with you. These lights are so cool! I love the geometric shapes and how it stretches out across the table.

The Office Stylist

Leo Sigh said...

Oh these lights are fabulous. And really could be used in a traditional space, or one that's more modern.

Anonymous said...

These lighting fixtures are everything. I love the geometric shapes and angles. Super modern!