Tuesday, April 7, 2015

desert dreaming.

maybe it's living through the winter that will. not. end. or maybe i'm watching too much late night golf as they are beginning the 2015 season in desert surroundings, but i'm finding that i'm literally dreaming about desert-esque places & spaces...
it's funny too because i have never been particularly drawn to that type of atmosphere or landscape (having grown up in new england smack dab on the atlantic ocean, this is quite different) but as soon as i really tuned into the vast, other worldly views & vantage points that a desert landscape has to offer and the particularly beautiful finite bits of what makes such a terrain have its own unique flavor, i'm completely enamored.

i wonder what dreaming of the desert will bring me, where it will bring me? is a vacation in my future, a move? not sure, but images like this are sticky in my imagination right now. enjoy!


Jordan said...

Love this! I have always loved the look of succulents and lots of sunlight - so maybe I'm desert dreaming too. What's happening with the glass there, is it a swinging door!? That's amazing!

The Office Stylist said...

Love this home! I love the vintage feel to the space. It looks so elegant and welcoming.