Tuesday, March 17, 2015

lines of a bloom.

just as we are inspired by indoor furniture, outdoor furniture should move us in the same way. don't you think?
and just as we attempt to find special, captivating pieces for our homes, our outdoor spaces can be just as interesting and styled well. i'm lately loving this "calyx" line offered up by kenneth cobonpue. and kenneth is interesting too.

in 2007 TIME magazine called kenneth "rattans first virtuoso." he graduated in industrial design from the pratt institute in new york. he designs for celebrities and royalty. so why not us, right? ha! seriously though, kenneth reveals new work each year in paris and new york. this particular line, much like the lines of an outdoor bloom are stunning. he designs and manufactures from cebu, an island province in the philappines and according to his site, "integrates locally sourced materials with innovative handmade production processes." you can see it. this is furniture that you can feel before you even sit in it. i love that. enjoy!

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