Friday, March 27, 2015

have a super weekend!

it's friday, how was your week?
this week has flown by again, super busy, but i'll take it! in between the hustle i've been sneaking pages of this book (want to lock myself in the house this weekend and turn off the phone to finish it, it's that good!). and i'm toying with throwing out every single towel i own and replacing them. (i bought all white some time ago and let's face it, they don't stay white over time, no matter what you do.) so that's on my agenda this weekend, to freshen up the linen closet.

it's been raining, but i'll take that too as the rain is beating down the last of the remaining snow in my part of the world (what. a. crazy. long. winter.). so i'm hoping to get out for a couple of long runs. i'm also still bopping around the internet planning the next trip i want to take, can't decide on local (as in stay in this country) or go adventurous and expand my horizons. my son and i will have both graduated college this year, so there's reason to celebrate with a trip!

i hope that your weekend is adventurous, exciting, relaxing or just anything that you imagine it to be. enjoy!

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