Monday, March 2, 2015

go bold or go home.

timorous beasties is the name of this company. this is their wallcovering line. and they are NOT messing around...
it all began in 1990, timorous beasties was formed by alistair mcauley & paul simmons, fellow textile designers at the glasgow school of art. and timorous beasties offers a just as provocative line of frabrics as well (graffiti stripe velvet?!), but the wallcovers, and maybe because typically they would be applied on a larger scale, have my attention today.

and if you really read the approach that ali and paul take, how they have studied the time-honored and classic wallpaper lines and patterns, techniques and materials, you can see how, not only do they have a reverence for such and art and for what has worked, but that they have dared to take all of that, a step further. or a giant leap further, depending on how you see it. enjoy!

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