Monday, March 23, 2015

ejing zhang.

these "moonrise jewels" designed by ejing zhang are just perfectly dreamy today...
ejing is a graduate of the new york fashion institute of technology, the chelsea college of art and design & the university of the arts london, concentrating in textile design and stitch specialsim. ejing also received her graduate degree from the royal college of art, london concentrating in mixed media textiles.

i tell you all of this because it's important and interesting to see how an artist takes and education and what they do with it, where they land, and what they create. this particular moonrise line is handmade and fashioned out of threads, wood, and resin. ejing has a keen eye for pattern, for taking textures, color palettes, and line, all found in nature and reconstructing all of that into something else. into moonrise jewels. enjoy!