Tuesday, March 31, 2015

chit chat. by rizz.

"strangers are searching together for the best balance. the ice breaks, the atmosphere improves and the waiting is less boring." the company is rizz, the seating is called chit chat, and the description? just so great...
you'll notice that the way the seating is placed, that it moves, ever so slightly, it swings as rizz likes to say. and the trees in the middle do to, ever so slightly move. how fun are these for commercial spaces either individually or in clusters, groups, like people, chit chatting. hence the name.

rizz is based out of the netherlands but sells all over the world, including the u.s. oh, and they have a surprisingly innovative and short video (here) describing how rizz evolved into itself and is worth a listen. i just think that the entire concept is sweet, fun, and inventive. communal tables are turning up all over the place, in cafes, restaurants, etc. why not get people chit chatting like this? on these seats? enjoy!

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