Wednesday, March 25, 2015

boutique homes. small hotels.

there are more and more unique vacation rental options popping up these days. boutique homes is one of them...
and don't get me wrong, there are still GREAT hotels out there, and you don't have to twist my arm twice to stay in one. let me tell ya! but...the days of clicking away through travel sites for hotels as your only option for a vacation stay are over.

lately i've been itchy to travel and stay somewhere that feels more like a home. or at least like someone else's home. with an outdoor sitting area or intimate pool. gardens or private balconies or patios. somewhat similar to airnb, i stumbled upon this site the other day, boutique homes, where, at your leisure, you can literally just scroll through places, spaces, and countries, sneaking peeks into homes, large or small that you might like to stay. boutique homes calls it "temporary housing for chic nomads." awesome.

the images above are from areas such as portugal, italy, and france. and there's more. LOTS MORE. and let me tell you, the prices? not even close to crazy. they are definitely within range of good to crazy good.

what's fun and what i love about sites like this are the possibilities...with so many people opening up their homes, you have so many more locations to spend quiet time, you can spread out over larger geographical areas, areas where hotels just can't occupy. i love that. are you dreaming now? me too. enjoy!