Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ong & ong house.

let me tell ya, i love interiors and interior design, but i also pay close attention to designers of the shell, the architecture that houses it all...
architects ong & ong are designing some spaces that, well, if you want zen, you got it! from the sensitivity of their landscape design, to the ways in which the exterior regulates the interior, ong & ong designs truly harmonious spaces.

ong & ong states that they strive to "be the designers of our age." and surely they are doing that. but there is also something aged and special about their approach, about how they see space or the lack of it. i'm not sure how else i can describe ong & ong's view or vantage point, other than i love it. alot. enjoy!

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Jordan said...

The industrial looks here are amazing! Especially with all that greenery around - really makes it pop!