Friday, February 20, 2015

have a super weekend!

it's friday, it's almost the weekend friends!
what are you up to? anything fun? i find i'm devising strange ways to get outside and to not either freeze completely or be hit by a car or slip and fall and break something...seriously, it's that kind of winter in my part of the world. i've been doing laps (like alot of laps too) around the county jail near my home, where there is a huge, paved & cleared of snow parking lot. i feel like i either look completely crazy or brilliant that i've found actual land to run on. i wonder what the inmates think? ha!

i'm graduate work free at this point too, so i'm having alot of fun looking up books that all of you other amazing bloggers keep saying are great reads. and i still have a large, blank canvas propped up against one wall in my apartment...so i have a few quiet & relaxing activities i could take on this weekend. in between running around the jail. enjoy!

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