Friday, February 13, 2015

have a fun weekend!

whoop whoop, it's friday! aaaaaaand...it's almost valentine's day, are you doing anything fun or romantic?
i've had a serious case of hibernation (like brown bear in a cave style hibernation because of accumulating snow mounds that WILL NOT STOP!) so i'm not sure if i'll be stepping out or not. but i'm still glad that the weekend is upon us. if you are in love, i hope that you are celebrating that fact in your own way, large or small. if you're not in a romantic relationship, maybe just tell someone you love them, it might make their day. ;)

enjoy your weekend, valentine's day or not. and if you are up for some fun, check out these interesting finds from around the web. xo!

16 amazing infinity pools.

foliage faces.

looking for 1970's vintage clothing? how about stoned immaculate vintage?

what about all knitwear? do you want that? check this site out then!

i want one of these bikinis for next summer.

(expensive!) sculpted candles.

i have a friend who just had a baby. i'm ordering her one of these, they are the cutest!

i was looking for a t.v. series to really like...i L O V E this one!

oh and remember i was crying reading books recently? well i'm cracking up with every paragraph reading this, for a change.

a valentine's day watercolor cake.

or how about deep fried hearts rolled in sugar for valentine's day? yes!

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