Wednesday, January 21, 2015

roll & hill.

ah, okay. if i were to purchase lighting right now, for ANYONE, i would start here, at roll & hill...
roll & hill is based in sunset park brooklyn, and is "committed to on-demand production, which allows for each piece to be customized to a client's needs." roll & hill explains that they deliberately draw from a rich base of materials such as brass, bronze, leather, wood, rope and hand-blown glass. incredible. roll & hill also works with independent, innovative, and very exciting designers. it shows.

my jaw remained open the entire time i was perusing their product line. like i had to remember to shut it type of open. these lights are exciting. they are dynamic, original, and their lines hearken back to nature, hence photographing them outdoors. everything roll & ball does, they do well. and let me tell ya, you can tell hand-made or custom-made, it stands out, from everyone else. everyone. i love that! enjoy...

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