Thursday, January 1, 2015

here's to a new year!

i have to say...i'm looking more forward to this year than any in quite some time...
i started this post yesterday but i wasn't exactly sure what to write. i wasn't sure how to say i was going to approach the new year or how i was going to let go of 2014. so i didn't write it. i felt like if i didn't say the right things that i was somehow going to jinx things. i still do as silly as that sounds.

i feel that in 2014 i treaded water, i thought about alot of changes that i wanted to make, i thought about specific job opportunities that i wanted to tackle, i thought about new places that i wanted to travel to, out of my comfort zone types of thoughts. but that's all that they were, thoughts. i never seemed to muster the dare to to do any of those things.

so if i could have one resolution to stick to or work on it is the dare factor. to stop treading water, to stop only thinking of (or wishing for) things, events, or people. i know some people might find the start to a new year, and the thinking and reflecting that we all do, cliche. not me. what i love about the start to a new year, (much like mondays are my favorite day of the week) is that they are brand new starts, they are do~overs in a sense. mondays force that. so do january firsts. i love that! enjoy and happy new year...

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