Friday, January 23, 2015

hello friday!

have a relaxing weekend everyone!

how has your week been? mine has been chugging along, staving off winter blahs, (so many people i know are heading to this warm place and that warm place and i swear i'm about to jump on a plane!), and i'm finding myself reading. alot. especially since completing my graduate degree, where i was consumed by research and tons of reading that wasn't let's shall we say, leisure reading material.

so, i've, for the first time in years (no really!) been reading whatever i choose (see here). which is fun! crazy though, the last 2 books i've read leave me crying in car dealerships and my favorite burrito restaurant. i had to put one book down yesterday before i made a scene. but they are great reads. i think i'll look for a more upbeat book next?!

i hope that you have a super relaxing weekend! enjoy...

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