Friday, January 9, 2015

have a fun weekend!

i'm sure hoping that you are about to have a fun weekend! i'm lately singing this song in the shower and out on my runs...figured i'd better feature it today!

what are you up to this friday? i've had a serious case of nesting, wanting to stay in and under blankets watching this with my son while he is on his college break. (i don't cook alot but i love seeing what they come up with!) i've also been feeling a little off, drained, so i'm hoping that this weekend finds me a little more energetic and lively. i swear winters in new england can zap you! wherever you go, whatever you do, have a fun weekend! (and i hope that you are not lonely tonight! ha!) enjoy...

p.s. a few fun finds from around the web...

currently also listening to this guy.

speaking of music, the best southern albums of 2014. (he's on there)

this series of flower petal fireworks are aaaaamazing.

want a couple of these dresses for next spring/summer.

these face plates are fun for a party.

this chair isn't practical but i still want one.

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