Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ginger & jagger.

this company and product line made me smile today. it's like they are getting all 70's with it...
based in portugal, ginger & jagger (LOVE the name!) is designing and offering up a number of tables, rugs, and lamps, totally incorporating metals, totally reminiscent of 70's style funk. i found the table designs to be my favorite.

ginger & jagger explains their designs as hearkening back to or connecting to nature, to storms, to embodying the purity of water. for me, these designs bring me back to being 10, it was the 1970's something, my fridge was a really bad shade of orange and i might have been wearing these. ok, i was. but i still love this line!

as decadent, funky, swanky, entryway tables, to spicy bedside tables, to commercial lounge or hotel lobby spaces, these tables are super versatile, super sexy, super 70's. but i still love them. enjoy!

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