Monday, December 1, 2014

tommaso caldera.

the very unique site, incipit is featuring, among other interesting product, these "tull lights" designed by tommaso caldera...
i like them alot because tommaso has managed to design the construction cage lamp with a new twist and edge. sleek, modern and fun in their color combinations. equipped with a leather handle for mobility, these tull lamps are perfect in clusters or standing (or hanging!) alone, and for residential or commercial spaces.

what's great about a design like these tull lights is that they are one of those pieces, that when well placed, can be unexpected in particular environments, they can throw an otherwise formal space, off, but in a good way. any space, formal or not, and in my opinion, needs that piece that in it, that piece that keeps you guessing, that you just didn't expect. i love that! enjoy and happy monday!!

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