Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a canyon house.

this nahahum washington canyon house is extraordinary...
the architects were balance associates, the photography is by steve keating and the view? well i'll leave that up to you as to its origin.

what i'm finding in my adult years is my fascination with all things modern. having grown up in a state, town, and neighborhoods with traditional, historical and puritanical overtones and architecture...my taste for such modernity seems out of place. and there is something to be said for all of that and the beauty that resonates from structures so old, structures withstanding years or centuries of amazing events. they exude that, they are proud and stately.

but the clean lines and open air of a structure such as this nahahum canyon house is breathtaking. sometimes it's about the architecture and sometimes it's about the pairing of architecture and environment. this is one of those pairings. stunning.

i was more captivated by the exterior of this home even though the interior is to be sure, beautiful. see more of the interior here, and enjoy!

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