Tuesday, November 25, 2014


what does the way in which you set up a meeting, the ways in which you design a meeting say?
and so here's another question...can the atmosphere surrounding a meeting actually change the outcome of the meeting? interesting & provocative to consider.

i was in a number of meetings yesterday. and i'm not sure if it's me, but i take in my surrounding immediately, no matter where i land. it affects me, it moves me and it can also sort of deflate me or leave me feeling non-productive and off in general. does that happen to you? the italian company design you edit is offering up these "twiss on beam chairs" and a whole plethora of other amazing office furniture, the kind that can, i actually think, change the outcome of a meeting.

design you edit offers inspirational furniture, if furntiture can be inspirational. (which i think it can!) the company was "born" in 2012 and by 5 partners all with entreprenurial and managerial experience. their mission, they state, is to "provide inspirations and improve aspirations." see, having a meeting within a particular environment, surrounded by particular pieces of furniture (even really cool chairs like these) says something, it sends upbeat, positive, go gettem' slants and energy and we all need that people! just saying....enjoy!

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