Tuesday, August 19, 2014

team 7.

the austrian company team 7 is designing some very special pieces, with wood...
team 7 states that they work hand in hand with "the world's best designer, nature." no two pieces are alike as not two trees are alike. i love that. team 7 doesn't mass produce, product does not sit around in large warehouses. they create for each customer. i love that too.

there is a really cool video that team 7 keeps on their site, showing their reverence for the environment and the care that goes into designing and producing each every & every piece. check it out here.

you'd think that something as accessible or tried and true as wood would get old. that you might become tired or bored of the material. but every now and then a designer or artist recaptures your attention for a particular medium. team 7 does that for me, with wood. enjoy!

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