Friday, August 1, 2014

hello friday.

hello and happy friday...
i'm not going to lie, this week was full of ups and downs for me and i struggled a little bit to remain my composure at times. i hate those kinds of weeks. alot. but it's over. the weekend is upon me, time with my son makes everything ok. so...overeating at my favorite thai restaurant is not only sounding perfect, it seems necessary. sipping a little bit of red wine will just about even things off to a more manageable level.

how do you keep going some weeks when you want to curl up and raise the white flag? i'm not a "give up" kind of person. so i always seem to find a way to get back to a more positive state of being. i go to the people and places that bring me back up. i'm passionate. so most things, good or bad, really move me, they affect me, they stir me up. sometimes it's hard to reign it (emotions/feelings/thoughts) in. sometimes that's not necessarily a bad thing too. i suppose.

i hope that you have an excellent weekend ahead. i plan on it as well...enjoy!

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