Tuesday, July 1, 2014

in white. belta & frajumar.

sorry for the disappearing act, it's been a hectic beginning to my week! but i wanted to share a really sensational new-to-me line of furniture offered up by the spanish company belta & frajumar. oh, and i happen to like much of what they offer, in white.
sometimes, as i'm really looking at a company's product line, which might be chock full of pattern, texture & many color palettes to choose from, for some reason that i cannot explain, everything they design or manufacture seems perfect in white.

does that ever happen to you? would i order a white couch and be able to subdue my obsessive compulsive nature to protect it at all times? probably not. but a girl can dream!

i hope that your week is beginning in creative and positive ways! enjoy...

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