Friday, July 18, 2014

hitting the highway...

happy friday friends! i'm up for a little road trip so i'm hitting the highway this weekend...
it will be a short trip but hopefully one to relax the body and brain for a couple of days. (i'll take pictures!) i hope that you all have an amazing weekend too! here are a few fun curiosities i found this week too. enjoy yourself!!

p.s. i'll be posting pictures to my instagram, so keep tabs there!

this summer cocktail sounds delish!

would you wallpaper your fridge?

i love this look of a framed vintage map as a headboard.

just a really pretty soapdish.

an interesting white moon necklace.

i love what the brick house finds on bloglovin.

a new york donut map.

i soooo want this wallpaper.

a mint and peach lassi.

what kinfolk does with leaves!

a beautiful salad bowl.