Wednesday, July 30, 2014

about maine.

so maine is one of those places that i could land, forever...
i took a short trip recently to northern maine. the landscape, THE VIEW!, is why i'm so incredibly drawn to maine. the town we stayed in was camden. there are mountains that build steps away from the rocky coastline. so you have the best of both worlds. right?

penobscot bay is vast, the ocean seems endless. and i love that. that view that continues to somewhere you can't see or know. i stayed here. and i already want to go back. or move. just kidding. not really! the staff was incredibly friendly, the food was spot on and the views, well those are why you are really there. this is THE BEST breakfast place in camden or maybe anywhere, boynton-mckay. not. even. funny. delish! it was funny too because as i figured the place out and how to order (you order in the back and it's on the honor system when you pay to leave, pretty cool!) i said to the cook "i'm not sure what i want yet, i've never been here before." he replied: "that's ok, neither have i." i cracked up.

we took a lobster tour boat (pulled up 3 lobsters!) drank wine from adirondack chairs, over and over again. and went to sleep and woke to the ocean every day. we never closed the slider door. i'll be back there soon. i sort of have to be. it's one of those places! enjoy...